October, 2009

Huge Commercial Real Estate Crash Forecast

Image by La Citta Vita via Flickr Wilbur Ross Sees ‘Huge’ Commercial Real Estate Crash (Update3) By John Gittelsohn and Thomas R. Keene Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) — Billionaire investor Wilbur L. Ross Jr., said today the U.S. is in the beginning of a “huge crash in commercial real estate.” “All of the components of real estate value are going in [...]

Worst Bill Ever. What About the Constitution?

Here is another, similar take on my previous post. This one via The Big Picture. The frightening thing, at least to me, about Rosner’s commentary, is less the stupidity of the legislation than the abrogation of Congressional oversight in future decisions. If we had a Constitution, clearly such a policy would be deemed unconstitutional. Doesn’t even seem to phase these [...]

Taxpayers Sacrificed Again

Image via Wikipedia Image by Getty Images via Daylife It is probably hard for the trusting public to believe what is being done to them by their government. Most of us were raised to think that government was “of the people, by the people and for the people.” It was there to help us, not exploit us. Some still believe [...]

Who is Smarter, the Media or the Public?

Image via Wikipedia Is there any doubt why the major media audience is dropping like a rock? This headline suggests that 96% of the sample believes they are better informed than reporters. If so, why waste time with newspapers or TV?  It is a scary number. I am not sure whether it says more about our failing institutions or the [...]

Economic Death — Choose Your Poison

Here is an article that speculates why the outcome of our current economic problems will result in deflation as opposed to inflation. I believe that inflation (very high, perhaps hyper) will be the outcome. But, it is not possible at this point to predict, because future actions by government are unknown. There is no debate regarding an ugly ending, just [...]

Failed Government a Disaster for Americans

Image via Wikipedia Jimmy Carter via last.fm For several months now I have speculated about a failed Presidency. Regardless of party affiliation, a failed Presidency helps no one. It is especially traumatic for markets, even in normal times. These are not normal times. We are in the midst of a crisis that may equal or exceed The Great Depression before [...]

Welcome to the Government’s Version of Russian Roulette?

Image via Wikipedia Would you invest in a financial company that is going bankrupt? Actually, you already have! While you may have been an unwilling investor in FNM, you are continuing to invest every day, like it or not. Your “investment” is also increasing every day in Freddie and the FHA, both on similar trajectories. Welcome to the world of [...]

Maybe It was Clunkers for Cash

More commentary on the Cash for Clunkers. In Karl Denninger’s view, “Clunkers” seems to refer to the customers not the cars. Obviously his “evidence” is anecdotal and therefore not worth much. However, why the White House would ever have entered this fray is baffling and politically inept. White House LIES: CFC This is ridiculous and anyone who believes it deserves [...]

Wizard of Oz Economics Runs Into Reality

Image via Wikipedia This is an Econ 301 post, a bit more complicated than typical posts. But this post from Nic Lenoir of ICAP and published at Zerohedge is worthwhile for those inclined to deal with data and charts. It lays out the Fed’s options, neither of which is good. If we had followed proper economic theory, we could not [...]

Do You Golf or Just Subsidize Golfers?

Image via Wikipedia Here is just another ridiculous example of wasted tax dollars from Caseys Daily Dispatch newsletter: ———– Cash for Carts Dear Reader, You’re going to love this. I came across a recent story from The Wall Street Journal about how Uncle Sam is now paying Americans to buy, of all things, golf carts. Yes, you too can own [...]

Selected Links from Martenson

Here are today’s suggested readings from Chris Martenson’s site. To go to full links for articles, click here Economy The Odd Couple (SolidSwede) As the world begins recovering from the worst financial crisis in 70 years, an odd couple of winners have emerged: stocks and gold. So far this year, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a bet on economic recovery, [...]

“You were, in essence, robbed by the government.”

Image via Wikipedia Image by 4PIZON via Flickr It is not complicated to understand how laws are being violated by the FDIC. Karl Denninger in his post details that and why there should be no losses from bank closings (unless there is bank fraud involved). Simply stated, it is the FDIC that is causing the losses by not closing banks [...]