September, 2009

Economic and Economist Problems

Rolfe Winkler explains the economic problem facing the US and why current policies cannot work. In the process he batters Keynesian economics and Paul Krugman (who might better start writing with invisible ink so his prior columns and positions cannot be tracked). Here.

James Quinn

James Quinn with another well-researched and provocative post: Congress has done a phenomenal job in taxing, spending and borrowing. Nobody does it better. They should get a Congressional gold medal for taxing, spending and borrowing. Up until 1913, the government was limited in their ability to spend because there was no personal income tax and the currency of the United [...]

Important Read on Economy

Those who have been following this blog know that the US dollar is vulnerable. It may be the most important factor in determining an investment strategy over the next couple of years. This conclusion is based upon the mathematical impossibility of servicing government debt and obligations. Either the government must drastically curtail the welfare state (social security, medicare, etc.) or [...]

Truth and Humor

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Yogi Berra Government

A recovery in the economy can only occur via recovery in the private sector. Much of what has been hailed as “green shoots” results from government stimulus. It is not clear what is being stimulated other than reported GDP, because there are few signs of private sector recovery. One area that has received enormous stimulus is the housing market, even [...]

The Housing Market

Here is a piece by Chris Martenson that details the Federal involvement in housing. As you read this, recall that it was housing that started this economic crisis and that Fannie and Freddie, “government sponsored agencies,” were the vehicles. These GSAs are now wards of the State. Perhaps albatrosses around the necks of taxpayers and citizens is a more accurate [...]

OOPS! Looks Like a Bad Investment

We have all been made unwilling investors in Fannie and Freddie, courtesy of our government. I’m not sure how many mortgages you or I own, but the following chart isn’t good news. I hope the mortgages I own are not defaulting! As an investor, deterioration like this would make me want to cut my losses and run. How can one [...]

CNBC Ratings Plummet

There is ample evidence that the retail investor has not come back to the market. These stats are consistent with this evidence. They may also be indicative of the fact that people are tiring of “tout” TV. My impression, based on sporadic viewing, is that this message has been absorbed. The on-air tone seems to have gone from ultra-optimistic to [...]

Is Obama Failing Along With Everything Else?

For investors, markets are tough to navigate even in good times. But these are not good or normal times. Our economy is arguably in the worst shape it has been in 80 years. The financial system still borders on collapse with no apparent remedies to financial system insolvency. The Federal government is hopelessly insolvent, destined to default on its debts [...]

Health Care “Market”

Many people believe that the problems in our current healthcare system are created by a failure of the free-market. Accepting such a premise, it is easy to look to some type of government intervention to  improve matters. But it is exactly this viewpoint and “solution” that created the present system. The problems of health care cannot be a free-market problem [...]

What Economic Policy?

That we are in an economic mess is well known. That the so-called economic policies applied by Washington will do little to correct the problems (indeed, they will exacerbate the problems and greatly extend the economic misery) is less well-known and less widely accepted. Here is an excerpt from this morning’s free email from David Rosenberg, in my opinion the [...]